The SEEFOR Projects under this sub-component uses the existing implementation arrangements of Community Social Development Projects and the FADAMA III Projects to implement micro projects for community development, food security and employment in Edo State.
Under CSDP, projects are executed following the guidelines of the agency’s project implementation manual, communities are able to access funds after the payment of counterpart fund for the implementation of various micro projects which may include classrooms / health facilities / roads / town hall/ market stalls /drainages construction or rehabilitation, Electrification, Borehole installation etc. Under this sub-component, focus is given mainly to the rural communities in order to boost rural socio-economic lives of the people.

1. Iselu Esan South East Town Hall
2. Ugnineh Ovia North East Secondary School
3. Iyamoh Etsako West School Staff Quarters
4. Ugbogui Ovia South West Primary Health Care Centre
5. Igueben Igueben Town Hall
6. Uzanu Etsako East Town Hall
7. Imiava-Titilayo Akoko-Edo Town Hall Renovation
8. Ugbogbo Akoko-Edo Drainage System
9. Uzebba Owan West Open Market Stores
10. Urhome Orhionmwon Open Market Stores
11. Okagbare Esan South East Town Hall
12. Iselu II Esan South East Town Hall
13. Oredo Rueben Agho Drainage System
14. Egboha II Ovia North East Electricity
15. Evbmore Ovia North East Primary School
16. Ayogwiri Etsako West Town Hall
17. Idiniro Esan South East Skill Acquisition
18. Evbuarhue Orhionmwon Town Hall
19. Urowmon Egor Open Market Stores
20. Uzochi-Ekpedo Akoko-Edo Open Market Stores
21. Urhonigbe Orhionmwon Open Market Stores
22. Opoji Esan West Library
23. Ikiran-Ile Akoko-Edo Town Hall
24. Idunogbon Ovia North East Electricity
25. Bekuma Akoko-Edo Town Hall
26. Ugbor New Layout Oredo Electricity
27. Uselu N’Ahor Uhunmwode Industrial Borehole
28. Iyanomo Uhunmwode Electrification
29. Iyoha Oredo Electrification
30. Agbodo Oredo Electrification
31. Okumagiagemwen/Efosa Uhunmwode Industrial Borehole
32. Obayantor Oredo Industrial Borehole
33. Eriamiantoe Ikpoba-Okha Industrial Borehole
34. Ugieghudu Uhunmwode Market Renovation
35. Ivianokpodi Etsako- East Town Hall
36. Iselu Esan South East Funiture
37. Ekpedo Akoko-Edo Electrification
38. Iretutu Akoko-Edo Drainage/Grading
39. Opoze Akoko-Edo Primary School
40. Ashipa Akoko-Edo Electrification
41. Erhunrun Akoko-Edo Town Hall Renovation

Under the FADAMA III funding window, men and women through FADAMA User Groups can access funding in different areas of farming such as livestock, crop farming, fish farming etc. The FADAMA user groups are funded via cooperative societies. Funds and equipment are provided to farmers to help boost food production and create employment for people.