Youth Employment and Access to Socio-economic Development
This sub-component strengthens the sustainability of the component activities through the award of small competitive contracts to the private sector to improve public spaces, reduce environmental hazards and enhance the efficiency of the existing road space, reduce vehicle operating cost and improve road safety, in particular pedestrian safety.

Contractors work with beneficiaries employed by the project in collaboration with relevant stakeholders from the State, in the locations where contracts are being executed. It supports labour intensive public works and institutional strengthening to generate employment for the youths in the following areas:
A) Road and Drainage construction/rehabilitation/maintenance of public places which covers:

• Construction of Asphalt roads and Drainages.
• Cleaning of travelled surfaces and road sides.
• Removal of debris on the roads.
• Cleaning of roadside drainage structure and drainage outlets.
• Patching of potholes.
• Maintenance and trimming vegetation growth on roads.

Study visits to similar youth employment schemes.
B) Collection, disposal and sorting of refuse. The SEEFOR employment generation activities for solid waste disposal will include:

• Collection of garbage.
• Delivery of the garbage to dump sites.
• Sorting out the garbage to separate biodegradable matter where recycling exists.

C) Institutional strengthening, including study tours to similar youth employment schemes by selected Youth Employment Technical MDAs, committee members and selected youths.
The Edo SEEFOR project through this sub-component has employed about 9,695 youths in both Road Maintenance & Waste Management small public works contracts.